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Parallels Business Automation
The Pinnacle of VPS automation
Parallels Business Automation (PBA) is VPS Billing and Automation software from Parallels that fully intergrates with Virtuozzo, Plesk, and all other of Parallels' core products. From instant setups to resource monitoring and full client billing panel, there isn't much you can't do with PBA. Here's a taste of the immensely long feature list:

All these tasks are automated with PBA

  • Setup

    Instant Setup & UpgradesWith PBA, you have instant scalability with setups and upgrades. In most cases, accounts will be setup instantly and any account upgrades made will be applied instantly as well.

  • Restart

    Start, Stop and Restart your VPSYou can automatically start, stop and restart your virtual private server when needed.

  • Billing

    Full Billing Control PanelWith Parallels Business Automation you will have access to a full billing control panel which will allow you to manage your invoices and payment methods. Decide which payment methods can be used on various conditions.

  • Manage

    Manage Both Client-side and Server-side BackupsCreate backups that reside on our dedicated backup servers or download an image to your local desktop.

  • Domains

    Manage Domains and DNSHost your domains on our high performance, redundant DNS cluster. Add, edit, and remove domains as you wish.

  • Licenses

    Manage Licenses and Add-onsAs with resource upgrades you can also control your software licenses and add-on services via our self-serve control panel.

  • Monitor VPS

    Monitor VPS Resource UsageYou will be able to monitor the resource usage of your server to help you make decisions on when upgrades are required.